Online Secretarial Multilingual Services

Other Services

● We take note of your company’s sales orders, produce the delivery notes and invoice them to your clients.

● Periodical invoicing reports

● Accounting and Tax assessment .

● Labour and payroll assessment.

● Tax, labour and accountancy consultancy

● We offer you the best resources to support your company’s corporate image with graphic design on different media: cd-cards, personalized stationery, visit cards, brochures, flyers, etc.

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About us

At Secretari@ Online we understand the importance of time for small and medium sized entrepreneurs and independent professionals.

We offer an outsourcing solution to solve all these clerical tasks that don’t allow you to concentrate on higher value activities. You may engage our services on an occasional manner or on a regular basis.

We can complete the same tasks a regular secretary does without permanence clauses or labour related obligations for your company.

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  • A flexible service, adapted to your company's requirements.
  • Profitable: you will be able to optimize your time
  • Without unnecessary delays. Services are activated immediately
  • No permanence clause.
  • No labour costs
  • We offer our services in different languages (Spanish, German, English, French, etc.)